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A word about our roster of talent…

Part of our expertise is in finding, vetting and training performers who are at the top of the game, and fit our very special criteria. These folks work at the highest levels of the music and entertainment industry, and are the same people who are called upon to do Broadway shows and tour in major headline acts. Because of that, we need a large pool and have a steady rotation of the world’s top performers. It is our job to make sure we are fully staffed at all times, with principals and alternates. Another important part of our job is to teach these accomplished individuals to shape and gear their performance style to fit this specific niche of music for private events.

This medium is unlike any other area of show businesses, and the requirements and skill sets are completely unique. Our job is to create a platform for celebration, and our performers are chosen not only for their talent and musical ability, but for their warmth, accessibility, flexibility, and loving nature. Plus they can dance!

Doing music for private events (at the highest level) is one of the most challenging jobs in field of entertainment; the vast range of genres that we need to be proficient in, the fact that we never know exactly what we will be performing, the need for spontaneity and flexibility, the sheer length of performance time, and the fact that we are totally there to provide an experience for others.

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